Useful Links

Listed below are a number of useful links which some of our visitors may find relevant. Most of them are customers, some are suppliers, but all of them are in a line of business that may be of interest. If you do get in touch with any of these chaps, please be sure to mention that you found them through Process Heating Services and their blindingly good website.


GN Ltd – Printed Beer Hoppers. Beer cartons for take away sales, for the uninitiated.
Each case contains 100 x 2 pint Beer Hoppers, complete with plastic closures. These Hoppers are hygienically bagged and nested in 5 sleeves of 20. They are designed for the American market where they have recently been successfully launched and we now have a limited quantity for sale here in Europe – and at a highly discounted price too! The Hoppers are waterproof, biodegradeable (an increasingly important factor today!) and where facilities exist, can also be recycled. After use, they can be crumpled up to a minimal size.

Olympus Automation
“Whether installing a complete new turnkey project or refurbishing your existing systems Olympus Automation delivers the most innovative solution to totally match your brewing or beverage requirements.
With plant efficiency at the heart of every design process we are fully committed to building long term partnerships; not only to assist you in making the right choices but to ensure continual peace of mind with on-going 24 hour technical support services throughout the lifetime of your equipment.”
Martin – 01733 394700

Precision Enginnering.

JRE Precision Ltd.
“We have a range of CNC turning and milling machinery able to work to the finest tolerances for a range of batch sizes. We also can provide specialist components for experimental, research, prototype and one off applications. Turning – Milling – Grinding – Fabrication, heat treatment and finishing.
Materials: We work in most metals and plastics, Steel and its alloys, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Aluminium, Inconel, Nimonic, Titanium, Stellite, Nylon, Peek, ABS.”
John – 01509 610580

Websites, Data Recovery and all things computer related.
“I help organisations and individuals to store and share digital data, publish and debate online, and explain and sell technology. I specialize in projects that cross linguistic and national boundaries.”
…and he is very good at designing and creating websites, then teaching halfwits like me how to manage, add to, optimise, link to my blog, and generally take control of my own website.
Damian – 07967 026293

Free hard water testing kit.

Avaialble free online from Calgon, so the chances are it’s going top say your water is hard and you need to use Calgon, but it may be useful. Sounds like its just a Litmus strip, and more accurate results can be obtained with the dropper

Retipping your snooker cue.

PJ Nolan Academy Of Champions.
” One important job a player must be able to do is repair or replace a cue tip. I am amazed how many top snooker players I have coached over the years cannot replace a tip on their own cue. I have written ” The Perfect Cue Tip” to explain in detail what equipment is needed and the 10 simple steps to putting on a good cue tip on your cue.”


If you are an avid home rower, you may want one of these.