2.25kW Oil Immersion Heater 2250w

2.25kW Oil Immersion Heater

2.25kW Oil Immersion Heater

Our 2.25kW Oil Immersion Heater is:


  • Designed specifically for oil, 12 w/in² or 1.86 w/cm² watt density.
  • Immersed length 200mm (looped) or 300mm (U bent only).
  • 1.75″, 2″, 2.25″ or 2.5″ BSP, with double looped elements.
  • 1.5″ BSP available but needs long immersed length as only U bent elements can be used.
  • Alloy IP67 terminal enclosures (120mm diameter x 105mm).
  • Incoloy 800 (“a superior stainless steel”) 8mm diameter elements.
  • Available with up to 2 thermowells if required.

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…or call Jamie on 01827 703228 to discuss your 2.25kW Oil Immersion Heater needs. Whilst the “Contacts” forms serve a purpose, there is no substitiute for a telephone conversation, perhaps supplemented with a photograph or two to jamie@nullprocessheatingservices.com. Everybody’s applications is different, and we take a pride in getting everything right first time. The best way to achieve this is through a two way discussion. We look forward to helping you address your requirements.

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