6kW Brewery Immersion Heater

3kW Brewery Immersion Heater.

Specifically designed for the brewing industry by our technical team, our 6kW Brewery Immersion Heater features:

  • Italian manufactured.
  • 500mm or 20″ immersed length.
  • 150mm or 6″ inactive or cold end.
  • 9.3 w/cm² or 60w/in² watt density.
  • ABS IP65 terminal enclosure rotateable through 360 degrees.
  • 415v only due to kW ratings.
  • 2.25″ BSP Brass Screwplug.
  • 10mm diameter Incoloy 800 elements.
  • complete with 18″ thermowell.

Get a 6kW Brewery Immersion Heater quote

…or ring Jamie on 01827 703228 to discuss your 6kW Brewery Immersion Heater requirements. Having spoken to many brewers, indeed it does seem to be the only growth industry in this fine country of ours at the moment, we have learned that everybodies applications and needs are different. Some aspects of the process are common, such as the need to get water from one part of your process at 70ºC, up to the boil as quickly as possible. This demand for kW of power is usually balanced with a maximum immersed length of about 1m. The more element we can squeeze into the available space, the more we are able to reduce the watt density of the elements. Have a look at our Blog entry, in which I have tried to explain the importance of watt density and its relevance when choosing and using a brewery immersion heater.

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