12kW Industrial Immersion Heater – PII12

industrial immersion heater

12kW Industrial Immersion Heater – PII12

12kW industrial immersion heater features:

  • Immersed length of 600mm or 24″.
  • 125mm or 5″ inactive or cold end.
  • 78.53w/cm² or 55w/in² watt density,
  • Alloy IP67 terminal enclosures.
  • Terminal box dimensions – 120mm diameter x 105mm height.
  • 2.25″BSP screwplug,
  • 3 x Incoloy 800 (“a superior stainless steel”) 8mm diameter 4kW 84” elements.
  • Elements brazed into screwplug.
  • Complete with Tig welded incolloy 800 11″ thermowell. This will house any of our 11″ thermostats.

On our stock 12kW industrial immersion heater we use 6″ cold or inactive ends by default in case our customers need to fit the heater vertically, allowing a little leeway for level drop within the tank. This extended cold end also prevents any issues of tunnel heating, which can be problematic if deep weld bosses are used. With a 2″ cold, an inch is lost into the screwplug, so only the first inch is really unheated.

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…or call Jamie on 01827 703228 to discuss your 12kW industrial immersion heater needs. Whilst the “Contacts” forms serve a purpose, there is no substitiute for a telephone conversation, perhaps supplemented with a photograph or two to jamie@nullprocessheatingservices.com. Everybody’s applications is different, and we take a pride in getting everything right first time. The best way to achieve this is through a two way discussion. We look forward to helping you address your requirements.

A full description and explanation of the componet parts of a screwed immersion heater is available here on our blog. Also available is information about how best to choose an immersion heater for water, oil, and breweries. Also available is an informational entry about the process we go through when designing immersion heaters, generally.

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