Buffer Tank Immersion Heater

Buffer Tank Immersion Heater Ranges.

With 3 ranges of Buffer Tank Immersion Heater to choose from, at varyings power ratings, lengths, watt densities, etc, we can provide industrial immersion heaters to suit most buffer tank applications. We have 2.25″BSP weld bosses in brass, mild steel and stainless steel as stock items for next day delivery.

  • PII Range Industrial Immersion Heater. 8mm incoloy 800 elements. Alloy IP67 terminal box. 2.25″BSP.
  • PIH Range Heavy Duty Immersion heater. 16mm S/S 316 elements. Alloy IP65 terminal box. 2.25″BSP.
  • PCAB Range for Calorifiers and the brewing industry. 10mm incoloy 800 elements. ABS IP65 terminal box. 2.25″BSP.

The 3 ranges allow us to cover most requirements

  • Bespoke to suit specific requirements.
  • Power ratings from 1kW to 24kW.
  • 240 or 415 volts, plus other voltages available for equipment destined for other countries.
  • Brass or stainless steel screw plugs.
  • Incoloy 800 or stainless steel sheathed elements.
  • Alloy or ABS plastic IP65 and IP67 terminal enclosures available.
  • available with thermostats and / or safety cutouts.
  • stood-off terminal enclosures available for high temperature applications.
  • flameproof (explosion-proof) ATEX-certified Exd constructions available on request.

PHS Screwed Immersion Heater Ranges:

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…or call Jamie on 01827 703228 to discuss your Buffer Tank Immersion Heater needs. Whilst the “Contacts” forms serve a purpose, there is no substitiute for a telephone conversation, perhaps supplemented with a photograph or two to jamie@nullprocessheatingservices.com.  Everybody’s applications is different, and we take a pride in getting everything right first time. The best way to achieve this is through a two way discussion. We look forward to helping you address your requirements.

Download a wiring diagram for our Buffer Tank Immersion Heaters by clicking here -> Wiring Diagram Immersion Heaters.