Brewery Heater

Brewery Heater stock ranges.

Each of our ranges of stock brewery heaters has pros and cons for our favourite customers, you lovely brewers, who bring happiness and hangovers to us all.

  • PII Range Industrial Immersion Heater. 8mm incoloy 800 elements. Alloy IP67 terminal box. 2.25″BSP. Ideal for the HLT, lower watt density & shorter as elements are double looped.
  • PIH Range Heavy Duty Immersion heater. 16mm S/S 316 elements. Alloy IP65 terminal box. 2.25″BSP. Huge, thick elements ∴ lower watt density, no gap between elements for cleaning purposes, so best for HLT. Some brewers insist on them, despite the higher costs.
  • PCAB Range for Calorifiers and the brewing industry. 10mm incoloy 800 elements. ABS IP65 terminal box. 2.25″BSP. Designed specifically with the kettle in mind, great gaps between the elements for cleaning wort/hops off between brews, may be too long if space is an issue.

These 3 ranges allow us to cover most requirements, and you pay me one day, you get your heaters next day via Interlink, who will text/email you with a 1 hour time delivery slot so you can build your day, or book your electrician, accordingly. If you are not in a rush, or are starting from scratch, or are perhaps that rarest of breeds The Rich Brewer, you may wish to consider our other bespoke options which have a 2 week leadtime

  • PIB Range – Basically the PII Range, but bent in such a way that the upward legs of the 8mm diameter double looped elements spread outwards after insertion through the srewplug, to optimise heat dispersal and ease access for cleaning purposes.
  • PIR Range – The Pièce De Résistance of brewing technology, removable between brews due to a DN80 triclover clamp arrangement. Clean on a bench, jetwash in a bath, leave overnight in a tube of your favourite cleaning tipple, then blast it in the morning with a steam cleaner. It’s your choice. More costly and will require a tank ferrule to be fitted to replace 2.25″BSP fiitings, which can be blanked off with a fitting I’ll throw in for free. BUT, if you value your time as highly as I do, and if you dislike cleaning as much as my wife does, it’s got to be worth it in the long run, which should be a very long run, as it’ll be like putting new heaters in for every brew.

Get a brewery heater quote

…or call Jamie on 01827 703228 to discuss your brewery heater needs. Whilst the “Contacts” forms serve a purpose, there is no substitiute for a telephone conversation, perhaps supplemented with a photograph or two to  Everybody’s applications is different, and we take a pride in getting everything right first time. The best way to achieve this is through a two way discussion. We look forward to helping you address your requirements.