1.75kW Heating Element 1750w

1.75kW Heating Elements

Our 1.75kW Heating elements are available with:

  • Straight lengths including – 72″, 84″, 96″, 110″, 120″, 163″.
  • 8mm diameter Incolloy 800 sheath.
  • 4BA Terminals, screws and washers as standard.
  • 2″ or 50mm cold end / inactive as standard.
  • 6″ or 150mm or custom cold end / inactive available on demand.
  • 240V as standard, with other voltages available on request.
  • 1–10w/cm² or 6–60w/inch² watt density.
  • Can be formed into any required shape and fitted with various types of fixing glands, welded plates or waterproof flexible tails.

For those visitors new to the subject of heating elements, any of the links above can be clicked to view explanatory articles. Some of the links are to our Blog, elementsofheating, which allows us to explain heating elements and immersion heaters in greater detail than most visitors to this website need. Others are links to Wikipedia and other similar resources, where very detailed explanations of more general terms are readily available. Please feel free to leave questions or comments on the blog, which will hopefully become a forum for discussion of relevant aspects of electrical heating. If everybody shares a little of their, often very speciaslist knowledge, we will end up with a great repisitory of lots of relevant information, which will be of use to many interetsed parties. Thank you in advance for your contributions and comments.

Alternative 1.75kW Heating Element Range

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