Industrial Heating Elements

A sheathed heating element can be used to apply direct heat to air and liquids. For those new to the topic, our blog provides a simple explanation, supported by interesting fotos, to explain the component parts of a heating element.

  • Straight lengths available between 12″ to 214″.
  • Power ratings are available from 250w to 6kW.

With this diversity of stock, coupled with the ability to manufacture elements bespoke if required, we can accommodate almost any application. See below for the diversity of shapes we can bend the elements into.  Also, cold lengths at each end of the heating elements can be tailored to suit immersion depths according to specific applications.

Heating Element ranges

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…or ring Jamie on 01827 703228 to discuss your requirements. All applications are different, and a 2 way conversation, often referring to the diagrams below, supplemented by photos, or even sending of dead or sample elements to us via courier, will guarantee success first time. We want satisfied customers, who then leave pleasant comments on our Testimonials or Facebook pages

Schematic diagrams of various element shapes

Click on the first image to see enlarged schematics of the various configurations of element. Click on each of the small images to see a close-up of a single element format.

Collected schematics

Tubular Heating Elements

Tubular Heating Elements

Individual schematics

Form 03A

Form 1

Form 04E

Form 2

Form 02J

Form 3

Form 02K

Form 4

Form 01A

Form 5

Form 01Q

Form 6

Form 01E

Form 7

Form 06G

Form 8

Form 01J

Form 9

Form 04N

Form 10

Form 02F

Form 11

Form 03B

Form 12

Form 01D

Form 13

Form 08B

Form 14

Form 02A

Form 15

Form 04H

Form 16

Form 02B

Form 17

Form 08C

Form 18

Form 06L

Form 19

Form 07E

Form 20

Form 06F

Form 21

Form 05V

Form 22

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