Circulation Heater

5 off recently supplied bespoke Circulation Heaters (32kW & 18kW) and control panels for a regular customer.

Circulation or in line heaters can be manufactured to suit each customer’s specification. Flameproof (explosion-proof) ATEX-certified, Exd and Exe constructions are also available for heating a wide range of industrial liquids and gases in the:

  • Petrochemicals industry.
  • Offshore industries.
  • Chemicals industry.
  • Food industry.

Electric circulation heaters

electric circulation heater

Electric Circulation Heater

We can supply heaters and process heating systems for heating a wide range of industrial liquids and gases. Mechanical design codes include ASME V111, BS 5500, Stoomwezen, AD Merkblatter, ISPESL (PED), TEMA. We can also supply any other recognised code.

Bespoke heaters designed using CAD

CAD-designed circulation heater

CAD-designed Circulation Heater

Using the latest computer-aided design techniques, together with modern production machinery it is possible to produce high quality electric heaters, complying with most world standards.

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